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  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر
  • مظاهرات لندن
  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر
  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر
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The Forum is an independent institution serving the Palestinian community in Britain and promoting the Palestinian issue.


The Forum seeks, in accordance with British law, to achieve the following:

  • Increase cultural and political awareness and spread national solidarity and cooperation among Palestinians in Britain.
  • Strengthen the linkage of the young generation of Palestinians in the UK to their motherland by raising awareness and organizing activities on various matters pertaining to the Palestinian issue.
  • Develop exchanging programs and specialities to support organisations in Palestine.
  • Develop mutual relations between the Palestinian community, Arab and Islamic organizations and the British society giving the Palestinian issue international scope and support.
  • Cooperate with legal organizations to defend Palestinians against the atrocities of occupation.
  • Consistency in confirming and raising awareness of the legal rights of the Palestinian people.


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