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  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر
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  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر
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  • مظاهرة حرب غزة 2014

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PFB condemns the escalating Israeli aggressions against Palestinians
Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB) expresses deep concern over the crimes committed by Israeli forces in the occupied Palestinian territories. Meanwhile, it views with pride the Palestinian uprising in protest for freedom and dignity which has successfully reunified all Palestinian parties against the Israeli occupation. 
What is currently happening in Jerusalem and the occupied territories proves that Palestinians still show the same level of devotion for Jerusalem and other sanctities and render them as a red line. It also shows that Palestinians are willing to make whatsoever sacrifices to defend holy sites and national rights.
PFB holds the international community, including Britain, full responsibility for their failure to take serious steps to stop Israeli crimes. This apathy helped encourage Israel to continue its extrajudicial measures in Jerusalem and to exercise extreme brutality against the Palestinians who refuse to allow Israel to suppress their national rights and desecrate their holy sites.
Likewise, PFB urges the international community institutes to take responsibility towards the dangerous crimes Israel commits against Palestinians. It also demands the European Union to take urgent steps to stop the violence and urge Israel to abide by the international law and other agreements that protect the Palestinian rights under occupation. This, PFB believes, will maintain peace, not only in Palestine, but also in the world. 
On behalf of the Palestinian community in Britain, PFB commends the Palestinian people’s resilience in the face of the Israeli attacks in occupied Jerusalem and throughout Palestine. 
Finally, PFB calls on the British government to take immediate measures to stop the Israeli crimes against Palestinians, and at the same time urges the world’s Muslims and human rights defenders to take their part in protecting al-Aqsa mosque and supporting the internationally approved Palestinian rights.  

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