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Over the last 8 years in the Gaza Strip, people fast the holy month (Ramadan) in the light of the tight inhuman siege. We lack electricity, proper potable water and other basic needs and rights for the Palestinian citizens. However, Ramadan 2014 is little bit different, not for the better side, but for the worst. Israel decided to launch another military operation on the small miserable strip called “Protective Edge”. “We work on stopping the Palestinian violence and rockets represented in Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement” as Israeli leaders claim. They do blame Hamas for the kidnap and killing of 3 settlers in Hebron a month ago, and they have decided to increase the suffering of Gazans through targeting, shelling and killing resistance leaders, as they alleged.

Though, upon examining the targets bank, as Israeli army names it, we find that, according to medical resources in Gaza, more than 120 persons were viciously killed among them 17 innocent women, 30 children and 12 elders until the fifth day of war on the Strip. Moreover, there are more than 920 causalities and more than 300 houses were totally destroyed and nearly 190 partially damaged by Israeli war jets. And here let me ask a simple question; where the hell on earth are the military terrorists that they have planned to assassinate? They are targeting innocent people most of them are unarmed citizens can be seen on news channels, dead skinny bodies of children and bloody remains of women or men.

Regarding the humanitarian side in Gaza Strip, the situation is very difficult and it is getting worse due to the war. Employees of Gaza government did not receive their salaries for 3 months and they can barely meet their families’ needs. We fast and break our fast this Ramadan in an unusual weather, where temperature reaches to 38°C. But now, we do that on the sound of terrifying explosions of the Israeli warplanes. Targeting houses and governmental building happens all the day, and it increases and takes aggressive manner in the midnight, where people supposed to safely sleep and have rest, yet here in Gaza, midnight has dissimilar view. Explosions, horror and sounds of ambulance sirens play a tune of agony and suffering. People wait their fate as none of them, including me, know whether his house or beloved persons will be targeted or not, are we going to see the sunrise of tomorrow or not?

This is a brief personal description of a Gazan citizen, who witnesses the third war within 4 years on the 360-km² area called “Gaza Strip”, my land, my pride and joy. It still resists and it will continue as long as there are brave generations believe in their right to live and freedom.

by Alaa Murad

Gaza Strip, Palestine


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