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  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر
  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر

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article-2107297-11F2F79F000005DC-650 468x340Between 12-1.45pm – please arrive at Cathedral Hall, Ambrosden Avenue, just off Victoria St London

Lobby 2-4pm, Committee room 11, House of Commons, Parliament

Briefing for lobbyists

Join with hundreds of others in lobbying your MP at this special lobby for Gaza, Palestine.

The day will start with briefings to prepare you at Cathedral Hall. We will then move on to the House of Commons.

The lobby is calling for:

  • An immediate and permanent lifting of the blockade on Gaza, allowing free movement of people, goods and humanitarian aid
  • An end to the arms trade, and all military-industrial collaboration, with Israel
  • Sanctions against Israel until they abide by international and human rights law

Put this into your diary now. Ask your friends and family to come.

Read the briefing now:

Briefing for lobbyists

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12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Westminster Cathedral Hall
Ambrosden Avenue

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