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  • 10th Palestine Day يوم فلسطين العاشر
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  • مظاهرة حرب غزة 2014
  • مظاهرة حرب غزة 2014
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Free Palestinian Child Prisoners – Public Meeting and Norwich PSC AGM

Kiri Tunks’ organization campaigns for Palestinian children. Every year around 700, aged between 12 and 17, are abducted and jailed by the Israeli military according to UNICEF.

Arrests take place…

Lobbying Workshop Announcement-PFB

The  Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB) is organizing a workshop on the topic:

“Methods and mechanisms of Lobbying on MPs in the British parliament”
3-7pm  on Sunday, 14/10/2012
Venue: Nadi…

Palestine In Parliament - 28th November

Join us at the National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine on Wednesday 28th November from 2pm-6pm at the House of Commons.
Followed by an evening meeting, hosted by Jeremy Corbyn MP to mark 30 years…

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